Arctic launches a massive CPU cooler for Threadripper CPUs with up to 64 cores

(Image credit: Arctic)

AMD is set to debut a 24-core/48-thread Ryzen Threadripper processor based on its Zen 2 architecture next month, and we can only guess how high the core count will go on other models to follow. If Arctic's new Freezer 50 TR cooler is any indication, a third-generation Threadripper with 64 cores and 128 threads could be looming around the corner.

The Freezer 50 TR is Arctic's largest CPU air cooler to date. It features a dual-tower design measuring 147.8 (L) x 149.5 (W) x 165 mm, and weighs 1,242g. For reference, Arctic's Freezer 33 TR cooler measures 123 x 89 x 155 and weighs 705g. 

Two different sized fans—140mm and 120mm—sandwich the cooler and work in a push-pull configuration. Meanwhile, eight U-shaped heatpipes snake through the aluminum towers and into the base.

In addition to being its biggest air cooler, the Freezer 50 TR is Arctic's first to bring addressable RGB lighting into the equation. There are 13 A-RGB LEDs in all.

The Freezer 50 TR is compatible with AMD's sTR4 socket and is supposedly easy to install. It also allows enough clearance for RAM modules up to 37.5mm high. Arctic says in some cases, even taller memory can be used, depending on the design—ones with V-shaped or centrally recessed heatsinks should still fit under the cooler.

Arctic lists the price at $64.99 in the US. In the UK, the cooler is available to preorder on Amazon for £59.99.

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