All the adorable ooblets we've seen so far

Ooblets is an irresponsibly cute game about building a farm and collecting critters called ooblets. Greg Rice of publisher Double Fine described it as "all your favorite games mashed into one" when we spoke to him last year, which doesn't sound too far off. It channels compelling sims like Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon, and there's more than a touch of Pokémon to it, and it does it all with a unique, infectious silliness. And it's the work of just two people: artist and programmer Rebecca Cordingley and designer and writer Ben Wasser, the two halves of their studio, Glumberland.

At the time, Rice  struggled to pick a favorite ooblet. "They're all too cute," he said. Today, we face that same issue, because Glumberland recently updated the gallery of ooblet profiles on their site to include all 32 known ooblets, and it's impossible to choose. See for yourself: 

That's not even the end of it: Glumberland also posted a glossary of essential Ooblets terms like followbabies and nurnies and frunbuns and oh good god this game is so sweet I would put it on my freakin' pancakes. 

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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