Ooblets is "like all your favorite games mashed into one"

Ooblets won't be arriving until "hopefully" 2018, but the adorable looking farming and creature collecting game is already on a lot of our wishlists. As Greg Rice of Double Fine tells Evan in the video above from PAX West, "It's a little bit of Animal Crossing, a little Pokemon, a little bit of Harvest Moon, so it's like RPG, town sim, farming sim, wrapped up in a cute package."

In other words, as Rice puts it, Ooblets is like "all your favorite games mashed into one." Ooblets (the creatures, not the game itself) can be won through combat or by planting seeds and simply growing them on your farm. One question Rice can't answer is which Ooblet is the cutest. "They're all too cute," he says.

See for yourself in the full interview above and catch up on the rest of our PAX West 2017 coverage here.

Evan Lahti
Global Editor-in-Chief

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