How to access the super secret level in Minecraft Dungeons

minecraft dungeons secret level
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Defeat the Arch-Illager with these Minecraft Dungeons guides

(Image credit: Mojang)

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Heard about the Minecraft Dungeons secret level you might have missed? Over the course of the game's nine core levels, Mojang's hack and slasher is nice and accessible; A fun, simple way for people of all ages to get a taste of the addictive Diablo formula. However, when you take into account the secret underground worlds, collectable runes, and hidden levels, there's more to it than meets the eye.

I'm not going to go into this extra-special surprise until the end just in case you've managed to avoid them so far, but below I've listed each one of the nine Minecraft Dungeons runes locations in case you're missing what you need to see the special level. I'm not referring to the five other secret levels, but the one you can only access after beating the game once. So, let's get started: Here's where to find all the runes you need, and how to get into the super secret level in Minecraft Dungeons.

Minecraft Dungeons secret level: How to get in

You base camp holds plenty of secrets, so I recommend having a poke around it between quests so you can see what's new, such as chests teeming with emeralds. However, one thing is inaccessible until you've beaten the game the first time on Default difficulty: the drawbridge in the south-east corner.

Once you've defeated the Arch-Illager and his evil army the first time you can lower it by first heading to the north-east corner. There, use the jump pads to reach the area with a Nether Portal. However, before you get to that, head south through through a path obscured by trees. Follow this path round to the other side of the drawbridge.

What you're looking for is the church immediately to the right of where you lower the drawbridge. Now, here's where things get interesting: Head to the end of the church to find a wall with ten rune shapes. One of these will be lit up as you've already found the church, plus any more you've found during your spelunking on your first play through.

All Minecraft Dungeons runes locations

If you're missing any of the remaining Minecraft Dungeons runes, below you'll find the locations for each. The game's levels are randomly generated, but these collectibles are in fixed places. Pay attention to your map to make sure you've explored it all—the bits you've been to will be filled in—and you should find where you need to go.

Minecraft Dungeons: Creeper Woods rune location

Once you've cleared the level up to the final objective, head to the south-west corner of the large zone that contains the five trapped villagers. Stop when you see what looks like a stone bridge buried in the grass, with some stone cobbles nearby. 

Inside is a button. Press that and the stone structure will open to reveal the tunnel pathway to the Creeper Woods rune. Inside this purple subterranean area, swing round the corner, press the button, then interact with the item to claim it for it to appear in your base's church. Every rune is collected in this way once you've found each hidden entrance.

Minecraft Dungeons: Pumpkin Pastures rune location

The Pumpkin Pastures rune is found along the large castle wall you cross about halfway through the level. One you get to the wall, bear right and head all the way to the end. There you may spot some slightly discoloured stone blocks that make up a fake wall. Behind the wooden crates nearby is the button to make these give way to the next rune.

Minecraft Dungeon: Soggy Swamp rune location

At the end of the level, just after you've destroyed the cauldron, the Soggy Swamp rune can be found near some red toadstools below some hanging vines. It's just off to the right of the door through which you leave the swamp, and the button is found amid the mushrooms. The doorway appears right next to it after the button is pressed.

Minecraft Dungeons: Cacti Canyon rune location

In the part of the level with a stone square near the section with a blue key, look just to the left and you should see a palm tree. The button behind the tree activates the entrance to the Cacti Canyon rune behind the blue key.

Minecraft Dungeons: Redstone Mines rune location

Here you need to free another five poor villagers held prisoner by the Archie's forces. But, before you set them loose, look to the far left side of the space and the button can be found obscured by redstone. Hit it, and the route to the Redstone Mines rune is revealed.

Minecraft Dungeons: Desert Temple rune location

After you pick up the golden key in this mission, move to the right palm tree in the next room. The button you're looking for is well hidden, but you can find it by looking right into the corner behind the palm tree, and counting four blocks to the right. The lever will be highlighted here and, when pressed, will give you access to the Desert Temple rune.

Minecraft Dungeons: Fiery Forge rune location

Right at the beginning of the level, head straight ahead from where you leave the first door, and bear right. The lever here is in the corner, which you need to get access to the Fiery Forge rune.

Minecraft Dungeons: Highblock Halls rune location

Before you 'Crash the Party' and break through the wall with the painting, double back on yourself and sprint to the south-east corner. After heading up some steps and turning the left, you should see the lever on the left wall. Pull it to get the Highblock Halls rune.

Minecraft Dungeons: Obsidian Pinnacle rune location

Continue your chase of the Arch-Illager until you head inside, and continue until you stumble upon a feasting/social area. Up a small flight of stairs and straight ahead you'll see a small line of bookshelves. Just of the left of these books is the secret trigger you need to access the Obsidian Pinnacle rune, which is inside the secret room along with a couple of nice, loot-filled chests.

And there you have it. Once you've collected all ten runes and returned to the church at your camp, press the button at the end of the holy room to activate a doorway. Pick up the map inside to unlock a mysterious new quest location on your mission select screen marked '???'.

Ok, this is where the spoilers start. If you make the journey to the hidden level you're reward with a.. load of angry cows? This 'Moo?' mission located on Mooshroom Island is full of angry cows, a tribute to cow levels in multiple Diablo games. At the end you'll come across the Mooshroom Monstrosity, a tougher version of the boss you fought in Redstone Mines. Good luck, especially if you're vegetarian.

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