Alien Rage, a new sci-fi FPS, is coming out next month

A new alien-shooting sci-fi FPS just blasted its way into our world with a new trailer, as shown at Gamescom in Germany today. Alien Rage will feature action-packed shooting of “relentless enemies” with “badass weapons.”

Just writing that last paragraph made me a little tired.

Alien Rage looks like it could be fun, though, in an extremely loud kind of way. A cinematic trailer released last month shows that the game will be set on a mineral-rich asteroid in deep space in the year 2242. Alien and human miners have been coexisting for a while when everything goes pear-shaped and it's time to break out the big guns.

From City Interactive , the folks that brought us the problematic Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 , this is a nice change of pace. Part of the problem with Ghost Warrior 2 was that the stealthy parts of the game were just a mess. If Alien Rage lets City Interactive just focus on going loud, really loud, then maybe it will show off the developer's strengths and sidestep its weaknesses.

On the other hand, given the poor AI shown in Ghost Warrior 2, repeated footage of enemies as sprinting directly at the player may be a warning of things to come. Intrigued? The good news we don't have to wait long: Alien Rage releases next month, on September 27.

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