AITA: My Starfield wife wants a divorce and all I did was chuck one grenade into a crowd of bystanders

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Unless you want to wind up single in space, do remember not to commit acts of terrorism in front of your Starfield spouse. I bring you this dire warning courtesy of fellow PC Gamer writer Chris Livingston who managed to wreck his marriage with Andreja over the very tiny mistake of throwing a grenade down a hallway of innocent people possibly on purpose. Andreja disliked that.

Chris had the otherwise brilliant idea of testing the accuracy of a proudly displayed "hours without incident" sign at the Cydonia mining operation on Mars. Shocking no one, tossing a grenade down a hallway of innocent miners does indeed reduce the hours since incident to a dire, red "0," and makes quite the mockery of the displayed "Stay Vigilant. Stay Alive." warning. 

Starfield: Hours without incident"

What we did not expect were the two back-to-back notifications: "Andreja disliked that" and "Andreja is no longer your active companion."

After that blatant disregard for galactic OSHA regulations and probably some interplanetary peace treaties too, his wife Andreja hightailed it back to headquarters to demand an explanation.

If you get into the same jam you'll find yourself faced with four near equally awful responses to the situation:

  • I think you need to take a breath and calm down.
  • I have no idea what you're talking about.
  • Hey, I'm sorry. Whatever it was, we can fix it.
  • I'm not in the mood for this.

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As a person who has been in a relationship for more than 24 hours, I am going to advise you to say none of those. Because even the apology comes with the implication that you have no idea you screwed up. Also, where's the fifth option for gaslighting her into believing that throwing a grenade and killing dozens of people was "just a joke, babe"?

If you do want to patch things up with Andreja (and presumably any other one of the Starfied romance options you accidentally piss off) you will get a chance to use the persuasion system to win her over or use a "second chance" dialogue option to get insta-forgiveness.

I'd suggest just saving your grenades for the pirates though.


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