A singleplayer Dead by Daylight game is coming from the makers of The Dark Pictures Anthology

Dead by Daylight
(Image credit: Behaviour Interactive)

The long-running multiplayer survival horror game Dead by Daylight is about to move into the singleplayer realm courtesy of a new project in development at Supermassive Games, the developer of Until Dawn, The Dark Pictures Anthology, and The Quarry.

Details on the Supermassive project won't be announced until later this year, but Dead by Daylight studio Behaviour Interactive said it "will offer players an intense narrative experience filled with powerful life-or-death choices set within the backdrop of Dead by Daylight."

"We've been working hard to blend intention, agency, and the branching storytelling of a Supermassive game together with Dead by Daylight's mythology to create an intense narrative experience filled with power life-or-death choices," executive producer Traci Tufte said during today's Year 7 anniversary broadcast. "Our game will be set outside the Entity's realm and features the story of a new cast of characters, who players will follow for an unprecedented experience beyond the Fog."

"This is a whole new way for horror fans to experience Dead by Daylight," studio head Steve Goss added.

The Entity, by the way, is an omnipotent, supernatural being who travels the cosmos in search of worlds to consume. It pits survivors against killers in countless realms in order to feed off their emotions, enabling it to grow more powerful and ultimately to devour the world it's chosen. It will also occasionally manifest in the game, to make situations even worse than they already are.

A new Dead by Daylight multiplayer game is also in the works, this one being made by Scavengers studio Midwinter Entertainment, which Behaviour acquired in 2022. Details on that one are also being kept under wraps, but it sounds rather like a Left 4 Dead/Redfall type of thing—hopefully more of the former than the latter.

"The themes in our game will center around greed and the lust for power," producer Audrey Mladina said. "These will be present in both the gameplay itself and in the stories of the characters who were tempted to enter a strange new corner of the Entity's realm.

"Our vision is to create a multiplayer PvE experience where instead of facing off against each other, up to four players can team up, enter another one of the Entity's realms, and take on a host of deadly enemies that occupy it."

Midwinter's game is also still in "very early stages" of development, studio head Mary Olson said.

Before any of the above happens, Dead by Daylight will move into another new year of multiplayer survival horror—Year 8, if you're keeping track—which will bring cosmetics inspired by Iron Maiden and Slipknot, and (this is the big one) Nicolas Cage—yes, the actual Nicolas Cage—to the game as a standalone survivor.

(Image credit: Behaviour Interactive)
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