And now it's official: Nicolas Cage will play Nicolas Cage starring as Nicolas Cage in Dead by Daylight later this year

The multiplayer survival horror game Dead by Daylight is getting a brand new survivor in Year 8, and his name is Nic. The big news actually leaked out earlier this week, but now it's official and real: Nicolas Cage, the man who brought us, well, Nicolas Cage, is coming to the game later this year in "the collaboration players didn't know they needed."

Nicolas Cage is a tremendously talented actor—remember, he's won an Academy Award, a Golden Globe, and Screen Actors Guild award, and been nominated for numerous others—but over the years he's also developed a reputation for being seriously over the top, both personally and professionally. To some, it represents a deep commitment to his craft, while to others it's just deeply weird, and there's really no telling how much of it, if any, is a put-on: In a recent "Nicolas Cage replies to fans on the internet" video, for instance, he said the story about having two teeth pulled without anesthesia ahead to prepare for his role in Birdy was only partially true because the teeth needed to come out anyway.

"The timing of it worked out," Cage said. "It made me seem like a method lunatic. But the truth is, it was something I had to do anyway."

Regardless of where you come down on that particular discussion, it sounds like we'll be getting the full Nic in his Dead by Daylight debut. He'll be playing himself in the game, and yes, it's actually Nicolas Cage playing Nicolas Cage as Nicolas Cage.

"He's got such an iconic voice and delivery. We couldn't do this without him," game director Mathieu Cote said during a press event revealing Cage's upcoming addition to Dead by Daylight. 

"In some cases, for the screams and grunts, we have used different people sometimes because these are extremely strenuous exertions, and they can take a toll on people. But in this case, Mr. Cage told us there has never been a voice sound-alike for Nic Cage, and we will not have one now. So he was generous enough to record every single grunt, scream, and exertion that you will hear in Dead by Daylight."

Cage isn't the only big name coming to Dead by Daylight. Legendary metal bands Iron Maiden and Slipknot are also on the way, although unfortunately not as survivors or killers (which in Iron Maiden's case would be particularly appropriate.) Instead, they will be represented by new cosmetics: the Iron Maiden Collection, a series inspired by the band's famed mascot Eddie, and the Slipknot Collection of nine killer masks based on the members of the band.

Along with Nic, Maiden, and Slipknot, Year 8 of Dead by Daylight will include four new chapters, beginning with the sci-fi-styled End Transmission, which will have a new map, a new original killer called The Singularity, and a new survivor. On top of that, there will be two new licensed killers, two bonus "survivor-only" chapters, and other new content, mechanics, and quality-of-life additions. Further details about what's coming—including how Nic Cage is going to fit into all of it—will be revealed on July 5.

(Image credit: Behaviour Interactive)
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