A pub in the UK is offering a £30 bar tab to people who can win a round of Fortnite

In case the arrival of Drake wasn't enough to convince you that Fortnite is going mainstream, a student pub in the UK called The Warehouse is offering a £30 ($42) bar tab to anyone who can claim a "victory royale" in Fortnite. The catch is that you have to do it there and then, on a big projector, with everyone else in the place watching. 

Manager Alex Coe told Eurogamer that the promotion has been running for about three weeks, and has so far been quite popular. It also hasn't cost the place much money. The offer is limited to the first winner each week, for one thing, but more to the point, there aren't many winners. 

"We've had about 300 games played but only two wins," Coe said. He added that he's giving thought to extending the offer to anyone who wins—given the winning percentage so far, a concession the pub could probably afford. 

The Warehouse also offers FIFA and Rocket League, but they don't have prizes.   

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Andy Chalk

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