7 ways people have already assassinated Sean Bean in Hitman 2

Hitman 2's first elusive target, Sean Bean, hasn't been live in the game for long, but there are already dozens of videos out there of The Undying meeting an unfortunate end. There are some real death traps in the area, it turns out, which make for quality viewing for us and an unfortunate number of deaths for Sean Bean. Below I've collected some of the creative kills I've seen so far (and a few that aren't so creative, but hey, I like variety). Stick through to the end for a phenomenal briefcase kill. And no, it's not using the amazing homing briefcase bug, although we're bound to get one of those soon enough.

Toilet troubles

Rock Paper Shotgun's Matt Castle sets Sean Bean up with a nice steaming cup of poisoned coffee. It takes awhile to kick in, but once it starts twisting up his guts, Mr. Bean heads to the toilet. You can probably guess what happens next.

Truly, an elusive target

"That is Mark Faba. Possibly the most elusive man in the history of the ICA..."

Or, uh, not.

Don't trust robots

GamesBeat's Jeff Grubb poses as a scientist to get into Sean Bean's inner circle, then uses a conveniently placed gun testing robot to score an elite 2-for-1 elimination.

High Octane

When your target has a lab full of explosives, tossing them around turns out to be pretty effective. Just make sure you have an exit strategy first.

With a bullet

Ah, the classic "lure him into a room by loudly throwing a screwdriver on the floor" strategy.

Pen trick


The impossible briefcase bomb

This is an incredible kill. Redditor Metalgaiden positions a briefcase a floor below and attaches a breaching charge to it. When 47 detonates the briefcase it comes flying up onto the balcony, just as Sean Bean comes walking out of his meeting room. One more detonation, and he's toast.

"The breaching charge has been like this since season one it has so much force it could probably send a body up there. Once I knew that it was simple to test it in normal Miami and wait for the target to go where I needed," Metalgaiden elaborated on Reddit.

Seen an even more impressive Bean kill? Let us know in the comments.

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