I can't stop laughing at Hitman 2's homing briefcase

The clip above—posted by venomousbeetle on Reddit—is my favorite thing to come out of Hitman 2 so far. Granted, I haven't played it myself yet, but what could beat a homing briefcase? I'm installing it right now just to see this relentless paperwork holder in action.  

The pacing of this next clip, posted by Altair7z, somehow makes it even better:

I'd find out why this is happening—a bug?—but I'd rather leave it a mystery and just assume that pitching feisty curve balls with briefcases is consistent with the logic of Hitman's universe. (Update: I've been informed that all thrown items do this, it just looks hilarious because of the slowness of the briefcase. It doesn't make it less magical and also confirms that this is consistent with Hitman's logic.) What a wonderful game. Phil thinks so, too, and not just because there's a homing briefcase—check out his Hitman 2 review here.

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Tyler Wilde
Executive Editor

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