Assassinate Sean Bean in Hitman 2

Sean Bean, Hitman 2’s first elusive target, appeared in the game today. If you need someone to die, you really can’t do better than everyone’s favourite prematurely killed off Yorkshireman. The man of many deaths is playing Mark Faba, a disgraced MI5 operative who, appropriately, has been assassinated more than a dozen times but never seems to stay dead. 

The briefing above makes a few suggestions about how you might go about killing your target in Miami. He’s there having a meeting about his own assassination target, so you could find a disguise and work your way right into the meeting room where Faba is waiting. If you want to keep your distance, get into the race tower and use it as a sniper nest, taking Faba out from across the track.

I’m going to stick to my tried and tested method of aimlessly wandering around and playing with disguises until inspiration strikes. I don’t play Hitman to kill people, I play it to find Agent 47 a new job. Cleaner, bartender, masseuse—he’s great at them all.

Samuel and Phil take it a bit more seriously. They’re in the middle of a Hitman 2 leaderboard war, and I’m worried that poor Sean Bean is going to get caught in the middle of it. 

Sean Bean will only be sticking around for 14 days, so if you fancy joining the many, many people who have killed him, you’d better hop to it. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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