50-player extreme sports MMO Riders Republic coming in February

Ubisoft has revealed Riders Republic, an extreme sports MMO launching in February 2021. Skis, snowboards, bikes, wingsuits—even rocket-powered wingsuits—are on display in this open-world playground. Check out a preview trailer above. Pretty radical! Do people still say radical?

It looks quite a bit like 2016's Steep (and is being developed by the same studio, Ubisoft Annecy), in that there's a big open world to both explore and race through, either alone or with friends and strangers—though Riders Republic has a much more goofy and colorful vibe. Spectacular wipeouts seem to be just as much of a draw as coming in first.

The world of Riders Republic is a mash-up of United States national parks, like Bryce Canyon, Yosemite, Mammoth Mountain, and more. As you level up through career mode you'll unlock new gear and costumes, and there will be social hubs where you can show off your duds and join up with "more than 50 players simultaneously."

Riders Republic will launch on PC on the Epic Games Store and Uplay next year on February 25.

Christopher Livingston
Staff Writer

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