10 incredible Terraria creations


Terraria has been building quite a fanbase over the past few weeks and the community is really starting to come into their own with some really awesome building projects that rival even Minecraft's greatest creations.

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1. Stately Terraria Manor

My Terraria house is a functional tower of brick built mainly to keep the guide from letting zombies in at night, but Epionx has gone just a little bit further. This elaborate castle includes a dining room, a library and a huge bridge leading up to the entrance. Swanky.

2. 'Mage Tower'

What I like about Hyp_kitsune 's 'Mage Tower' is the simplicity. There are more impressive constructions, but this one didn't require mining the dungeons of three worlds and beating the game several times over. He used simple, widely available materials and still makes something that looks great. It just goes to show that anyone can create cool stuff in Terraria, not just the hardcore fans.

3. Mario vs Bowser

One of the great strengths of Terraria's 2D, blocky construction is that it lends itself to a kind of pixel art Jorrd ran with concept and created a retro game scene. This one depicts someone called 'Mario' who, as loyal PC gamers, we have obviously never heard of.

4. Kingdom Hearts

Lantistos is a true master at building things to an epic scale. This Kingdom Hearts sculpture is not only truly massive in scope, but also impeccable in detail. The use of rear and side walls to simulate shading is fantastically clever. Click through for the full thing.

5. Biodome

TauQuebb's Biodome is a masterpiece of Terraria house design. The glass dome encloses an internal forest, while a lava moat below ground keeps the earthworms at bay. The best part though is that each each NPC has a personalised room. The Dryad's sports a plant filled lair while the Nurse's infirmary is filled with bottles and beds for patients. That's real attention to detail.

6. Stop Motion Snake

I've always known that there are some people out there who can do amazing things with a bit of video editing and a creative game. This video has to be one of the coolest I've ever seen come out of Terraria. It brings back fond memories of playing around with my old Nokia 3210 in High School and spending more time playing Snake than listening to what the teachers had to say in class.

7. Biome Castle

Sometimes you just have to respect the sheer size of a building project, and Evilrazzberi09's Biome Castle is truly exceptional in scale. The castle is constructed to encompass as many of Terraria's different Biomes as possible. If you look closely you can see green, pink and blue dungeon bricks have been used in it's construction, meaning Evilrazzberi09 has made it to the end dungeon of three different worlds in order to build this project, a truly dedicated builder.

8. The Vault

The Vault, created by Meal Ticket is absolutely the last word in Terraria storage. This mammoth construction contains clearly designated storage space for every commodity found in the game, along with mushroom and plant farms and even an obsidian generator. It's a brilliant piece of work, and what's more you can download it yourself and use it as a storage space for your own characters.

9. Terraria City

While most people build one giant house for their NPCs, Rho decided to go a in a different direction entirely. He's built a small town of individual red brick houses, with bedrooms, dining rooms, balconies and cobweb strewn attics. Others house the NPCs above the ground floor so that they stay put, but Rho has created a place where NPCs happily wander to and fro, popping into each others houses whenever they feel like it. After all the huge intricate towers, there's something charming about this quaint little village.

10. Protoman

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Update - It's Protoman, of course. Sorry guys .

While some embrace the blocky nature of Terraria art Kurobei went a different route. Minimising the effect by making his statue of Protoman utterly massive. How big is it? It's so big the sun only comes up to his shoulder. It's so big you'll need to click the image to see the full thing, but trust me, you won't be disappointed.

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What about you readers? What have you made? Or have you spotted anything else worthy of inclusion?