PC Gamer Terraria servers now live!

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We have a brand new PC Gamer Terraria server! After lengthy debate, we decided to call it the "PCGamerraria" Join us at Port:8477 and help us find all the floating islands and underground jungles. Help us dig a hole to the bottom of the world, and build towers to the very top. Help us raid the dungeon at the end of the word and, most importantly of all help us finally kill that goddamn Guide NPC once and for all.

UPDATE: Thanks to extreme demand and a goblin invasion, we have created two bonus servers. Click through for all the details you need.

For those who haven't heard of Terraria, it's a two dimensional cross between Minecraft and Spelunky. You mine blocks for to craft new items, build houses and explore the randomly generated world to discover new bosses and chests full of items. Terraria is out now on Steam . Need more information? Check out our Terraria review .

We now have three Terraria servers! That's three times as many as two hours ago.

PCGamerarria 1 - Port: 8477

PCGamerarria 2 - Port: 8577

PCGamerarria 3 - Port: 8677

Chances are you'll encounter some of the PC Gamer staff on your adventures too. Here's a handy key so you know exactly who you're sabotaging:

Tom Senior - Ludo

Owen - Bop

Tom Hatfield - Dante

Tom Francis - Pentadact

Rich Mcc - RichMcc

Let us know how you get on in the comments - we can probably manage a second server, or make a password protected server if the demand is high enough. See you online!

Tom Senior

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