Weekend Game Deals - Free Fallout!

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Get Fallout for FREE and Amazon trumps other digital retailers with over 400 games on sale, featuring several triple-A titles for as low as $5.


Much of Age of Empires Online's content is still available at half price, plus Steam's also reduced almost everything available for Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 by over 60% . If you act super fast, you can also get Cthulhu Saves the World and Breath of Death VII for $1.49 .


Not a damn thing this week! However, almost every Amazon EA deal below can be activated via Origin


400 games are currently on sale at Amazon ! Of course, many of them are utter garbage, but there are still several dozen kickass titles that're hard to resist. Semi-recent games like Shift 2: Unleashed , Red Faction: Armageddon , and Metro 2033 are as low $4.99. Better still, many titles can be activated on Steam and Origin, including several EA games that are embarrassingly being offered at almost twice the price in EA's own store. This sale is raging on until April 15th, but you should still act swiftly so your preferences don't disappear from the list before then.


You'll find a lot of the slashed prices from Amazon's sale mirrored over on Impulse this weekend. But they've also got something the other guys don't: Battlefield 3 at 33% off!


There's no better deal out there than free, and that's exactly what you can get the original Fallout for this weekend from our pals at GOG.com.

Know of any more game deals this weekend? Be a sweetheart and add 'em in the comments.

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