Unlockable hats

Battlefield Heroes receives supply drop of Christmas treats

Andy Hartup at

Ever seen Santa roasting the chestnuts off a soldier while fighting for territory around a giant Christmas tree? In the darkest of cheese dreams, maybe. Well, this is a scene that will become boringly routine this year, as EA have created all kinds of festive-themed swag for Battlefield Heroes. And they’re releasing new stuff in store every day.

Team Fortress 2 gives Notch his own hat

Henry Winchester at

When he’s not tweeting, Minecraft developer Markus “Notch” Persson loves to indulge in a little Team Fortress 2, according to his tumblr blog. He was recently invited to take part in the third TF2 Mixup, with famous Team Fortress 2 personalities such as Valve’s Robin Walker and YouTuber Freddie Wong blasting each other to bits.

Notch was enjoying the game, earning the Primeval Warrior medal, when suddenly he was awarded with his very own hat. It resembles Notch's own visage, if it were made in Minecraft and then copied onto a cardboard box, and - so far - he's the only owner. “I am never quitting TF2 again, and you should all go buy it right away,” said Notch. “How much is it, you ask? It’s FREE! YES!”

ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead demo available

Jaz McDougall at

ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead is the sort of game you might be a little bit afraid of. I'm afraid of it. It's a standalone expansion to one of the most realistic shooters since... well, since ArmA, really. The most realistic shooter I've played is Team Fortress 2. Luckily for me, then, that there's a demo just come out, so I can get my head blown off while I'm fumbling with my safety catch out in the open. I mean, try it out. Here's how: