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Chaos Reborn enters final week of Kickstarter, releases demo for all

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Tactical game-wizard Julian Gollop wants to recreate Chaos, the tactical game about wizards. To do so, the X-Com creator has summoned up a Kickstarter, asking for $180,000 of crowdfunded support. That Kickstarter is now in its final week, and with only $135,000 raised, Chaos Reborn's chances are uncertain. So how do you secure some last-minute interest in a game? You let people play it.

Mordheim: City of the Damned brings turn-based strategy to a doomed city

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This passed me by somehow, but it's still worth a mention. There's going to be a Mordheim game! Mordheim is one of Games Workshop's more obscure Warhammer Fantasy spin-off projects. It's a turn-based strategy game set in a city obliterated by a magic meteorite. Precious fragments of said meteorite, called Wyrdstone, have drawn bandits and adventurers from every corner of the world. Giant rat-men face off against heroes of the empire, Elves, pirates, mercenaries, Witch Hunters and chaos demons. It's like the end of the Hobbit, except the armies are 1000 times smaller, and prone to incurring terrible injuries and mounting psychological damage from battle to battle.

Invisible, Inc. alpha update detailed in new video

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Invisible, Inc. has a new alpha update along with a sharp video outlining some of the latest changes to the turn-based, espionage game. It's the ninth update for developer Klei Entertainment's alpha, with the new build giving players greater infiltration options but also tougher guards to try and deal with.

X-Com creator casts Kickstarter campaign for Chaos Reborn

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As Kickstarter reboots go, I suspect Chaos Reborn might be attempting to resurrect one of the oldest games yet. The original Chaos was released in 1985 - meaning it came out three years before inXile's similarly revived Wasteland. Julian Gollop, best known as the creator of X-Com: UFO Defense and/or UFO: Enemy Unknown, is now casting Kickstarter necromancy on his classic ZX Spectrum turn-based fantasy strategy.

Invisible, Inc trailer reveals that Klei's turn-based tactical espionage game is no longer Incognita

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It would be entirely appropriate if you hadn't heard of Invisible, Inc., because it's a turn-based tactical strategy about stealth, espionage and leaving no trace. What you may have heard of is its previous alias: Incognita. The Klei-made early access game has now received its new legend, and, in a moment of carelessness that could rival 007, headed straight to YouTube to publicise its existence.

XCOM: Enemy Within footage shows mechanical punching and super-legs

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Genetically altering humans has been proven (through speculative fiction) a universally bad idea. Sure, super-powered leg muscles sound like fun, but sooner or later the owner of those muscles is going to go mad with power. Before you know it, they're leaping through space as part of a plan to punch the moon out of orbit. Still, in the world of XCOM: Enemy Within, aliens are attacking the planet. In light of that, the powers and abilities shown off in this game footage are probably for the best.

XCOM: Enemy Within 'War Machines' trailer features bio-augs, mechs, alien-punching

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Just over a week ago, news broke of XCOM: Enemy Within - a very orangey expansion to Enemy Unknown. The accompanying video, in true XCOM tradition, showed a shadowy guy saying things in his Serious Voice, with nary a hint of gameplay footage to back it up. As with the moon landings and the inner workings of Pat Sharp's Fun House, you'd be forgiven for thinking it was protected by some vast government conspiracy - y'know, if it wasn't for this brand new trailer chock-full of the stuff. It's entitled War Machines, and true to the name it shows off the expansion's new bio-engineering and robo-mech-suit features. There is also a lot of alien-punching. If Will Smith happens to be watching: that one's all on you.

Enemy development update details the turn-based roguelike's campaign overworld

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Back in March, the impossible to Google turn-based tactical roguelike Enemy met its modest Kickstarter goal and secured its continued development. Since then, developer Tom Johnson has been working away on the 8-bit inspired indie X-Com-a-like, and is releasing monthly development updates detailing its progress. With the latest, the game's campaign structure is beginning to take shape, adding retro-infused strategic depth to an already promising project.

XCOM: Enemy Within screenshots show aliens, mech-suits and lots of orange

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Earlier today, Firaxis announced XCOM: Enemy Within, a full expansion to their ace tactical strategy XCOM: Enemy Unknown. It will add more of everything: aliens, soldiers, technology, missions, maps, abilities, weapons, and upgrades, including cybernetic enhancements and genetic modification. And, if these screenshots are anything to go by, it will drown the world in a deadly orange glow - replacing the base game's dark blues, with a fiery new palette.

XCOM: Enemy Within announced - a huge expansion to Enemy Unknown

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The rumours were true. While manually cranking the website in preparation for the coming day's news, a mysterious and silhouetted figure appeared on the screen. "Commander..." he began, before I pointed out he probably had the wrong computer. "Well, I'm here now," he shrugged, clearly invested in the moment, "so I may as well tell you that XCOM: Enemy Within has been announced." A strange way to start the morning, but it's hard to complain when the result is a giant expansion to the excellent XCOM: Enemy Unknown. It will add new units, enemies, maps, weapons, equipment, and features. And a robotic exoskeleton.

Space Hulk secures August 15th release date

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Space Hulk - not to be confused with the time Bruce Banner visited the International Space Station - is coming. It's coming real soon, as in August 15th. We were rather impressed by Full Control's board game adaption when we saw it a few months ago, not least because it's shaping up to be one of the most authentic Warhammer 40K tie-ins yet. Stick around for a very short new trailer, which mainly involves things exploding into chunks.

Incognita livestream shows off 40 minutes of turn-based tactical espionage

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I was assuming the title of Klei's next game would be another helpful instruction like 'Don't Starve' or, you know, 'Shank'. Instead it's 'Incognita', which is the kind of name you'd give a Spanish secret agent in a Saturday morning cartoon. I am entirely OK with this. Another thing I am OK with: a forty-odd minute livestream of the turn-based espionage title, which if you missed it has been recorded and embeddified below.

Firaxis discarded an "awful" XCOM prototype before developing Enemy Unknown

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Speaking to Edge, Firaxis Lead Designer Jake Solomon said the developer's early efforts of crafting an XCOM reboot back in 2003 turned out "awful." Sounds harsh, but considering the polish and personality of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, we're glad for the do-over.

XCOM creator bestows blessing upon Firaxis

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When XCOM: Enemy Unknown producer Jake Solomon told us he considers original XCOM creator Julian Gollop as a "personal hero," it heralded the steep reverence Firaxis charged into Enemy Unknown's eerily glowing roots from the 1994 turn-based favorite. Strong sales and review accolades vindicated Firaxis' efforts, but in a Eurogamer report, Gollop himself declared the studio did "a great job" interpreting XCOM its own way.

Incoming XCOM: Enemy Unknown patch fixes hanging issues, makes Easy difficulty easier

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2K Community Coordinator Marion Dreo issued a pre-deployment briefing yesterday for XCOM: Enemy Unknown's second patch. Assembling in the hangar are a few fixes for game-hanging encounters during Alien Activity and UFO interception as well as improved multiplayer netcode and roof visibility during Abduction missions.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Warspace Extension mod rebalances darn near everything

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Taken out of context, "Warspace Extension" sounds like the subject of a cheeky spam email to a military general. For XCOM: Enemy Unknown commanders, it's the name of a mod overhauling weapons, enemies, armor, squad performance, and practically everything else housed beneath Firaxis' turn-based Sectoid-slayer. Commence Operation: Righteous Replay.

Firaxis comments on XCOM: Enemy Unknown modding plans

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Firaxis hit the deployment hangar for its DLC plans rather fast with its announcement of the Slingshot mission pack yesterday, but it's yet to give a go-ahead for full modding support. Speaking to Joystiq, Firaxis Producer Garth DeAngelis stated modding wasn't one of their "core pillars" during development.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Slingshot DLC heads to China, adds new squad character

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Yesterday we let our speculation over XCOM's inevitable DLC run as rampantly as a panicked Sectoid, but 2K and Firaxis have their own vision for XCOM's post-release content. Today they announce the impending deployment of Slingshot, a tri-Council-mission campaign set in a besieged China featuring a new playable squad character, enhanced customization options, and a couple research shortcuts.