Team Fortress 2 update to buff banners, nerf ringers, and split item sets

Phil Savage at

The upcoming update to Team Fortress 2 appears to me mostly janitorial - sweeping up things that have, in the months and years since their introduction, started to look a bit dirty. Previously, Valve detailed the changes planned for exploit-filled maps like Badwater. Now, they're turning to the weapons, hoping to better balance the staggering arsenal that has been packed into the game.

Team Fortress 2 Halloween update adds new Soldier lines

Tom Hatfield at

There's more to the Team Fortress 2 Halloween Update than we first thought! It seems that equipping the entire Tin Soldier costume gives the wearer new lines of dialogue, and they're as hilarious as ever. Check the video for the full voice set. Thanks to ThisGuy_83 for the tip off!

Have you noticed any other mysterious bonuses readers? Let us know in the comments!

Team Fortress 2 Soldier guide

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Team Fortress 2 is now free, so everyone with a Steam account owns it. If you haven’t played before, it can be an intimidating, hat-riddled game. Previously we gave you a handle on the basics, items and classes, now we're going in depth on each class.

We've covered the Heavy, Medic, Sniper and Scout. Today's lesson is in the most versatile class in the game: The Soldier.

Team Fortress 2 Über Update: Day 3

Lucas Sullivan at

The hits just keep on coming. By now, you know the drill: Team Fortress 2's upcoming Über Update is unloading new items for every class, with the latest two being the Scout and Soldier. Crafty types will know that the Scout pack was hidden in the Timbuk Tuesday post, but we're all seeing the Soldier items for the first time. Check 'em out, if for no other reason than to lay eyes on the first weapon to buff your allies when you smack them with it (medi-gun heals don't count).