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Get your face in Max Payne 3!

Henry Winchester at

Max Payne 3 developers and publishers Rockstar games have announced a competition to get your mug in the multiplayer portion of the upcoming game. From today until January 13 10 random people a week who use the #MaxPayne3 hashtag on Twitter will be selected to send a photo for Rockstar's consideration. Of these 10, the two least ugly people will get their faces in Max Payne 3.

It’s a bit like that online dating site where only beautiful people are allowed access, only your chances of sleeping with a supermodel are greatly diminished. Unless they happen to play the game when it’s released in March and take a shine to your in-game noggin.

E3 2011: ArmA 3 trailer teases us with real-life men

Rich McCormick at

[bcvideo id="980676337001"]

Bohemia's ArmA 3 E3 teaser trailer is live action, and doesn't seem to show any in-game footage. That's a bit of a cheat, but at least it'll get a whole platoon of you (including our very own Evan) salivating in your war-clothes. See here for extra screenshots and launch details.