Mad Catz launches STRIKE7 keyboard

Adam Oxford at

Purveyors of positively potty peripherals, MadCatz, have finally got around to designing a keyboard which will go along with the uniquely bonkers look of their RAT mice. Just like the mice, the STRIKE7 keyboard is highly customisable, with a modular construction that lets you split bits off and put them where you want them.

If you want, you can split it in half to remove the number pad and program nine different macro keys on the fly. The most interesting thing, however, is the detachable touchscreen: a tiny colour LCD which displays system data, a list of current macro commands and details from third party applications like TeamSpeak.

The best mice for Diablo 3

Tyler Wilde at

We joke about all the clicking in Diablo III, but broken mice and swollen wrists are no joke. They're bad things which make us sad. A good mouse is an important part of a balanced click-fest, so we've tested a selection of mice we think are best suited for Hell, as well as a few we don't recommend.

Note: If you're tired of Diablo III coverage, simply mentally replace any mention of it with "Torchlight II."