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No Wave is a free point-and-click adventure set in the '80s music underground

Shaun Prescott at

How many underground music scenes from yesteryear have their very own point-and-click adventure game? Not bloody many! But now No Wave does. Created by Dorian SRed and Trevor Reveur, the cleverly titled 'No Wave' was developed in 48 hours at Game Dev Party in France.

Kentucky Route Zero Act III is out now

Ian Birnbaum at

The third act of the celebrated indie adventure game Kentucky Route Zero came out last week, released with little to no warning. We’ve been wondering when we might see the next stage of this tense, atmospheric story, and as recently as February there was no release date being discussed.

Daedalic's Memoria out today, looks promisingly beautiful

Katie Williams at

Daedalic's got a pretty good pedigree in the mostly barren land of adventure gaming—its last release, Night of the Rabbit, was a wistful journey full of frogs wearing classy little hats (really, how could the softhearted animal lovers making up the PCG team say no?). The developer's new game is the "fantasy-crime" story Memoria, which looks a heck of a lot darker than the rest of their back catalog, but is certainly no less intriguing.

It's adventure time on GOG with up to 50% off classic Activision games

Katie Williams at

One of our favorite digital distributors is running the "Adventures with Activision" promo this weekend, bringing to mind heartwarming tales of friendship, ponies, and heavy discounts on classic games. It's like my childhood all over again!

Dead Cyborg: pay if you want for this impressive sci-fi adventure's second episode

Tom Sykes at

Barath Endre's Dead Cyborg, you may recall, is a first-person, episodic, "hard sci-fi" adventure series set on a rusty old space shuttle, and one we thought rather highly of back in the day. It's taken a while, but the game's second episode has just been released, and like the first it's on a rather generous pay-if-you-want model, offering 2-3 hours of interaction, exploration and puzzle-solving for free (with the option to donate - which will go towards funding the final episode).

Ithaka of the Clouds: the latest adventure from the team behind The Sea Will Claim Everything

Tom Sykes at

Jonas Kyratzes has spent the last few years peeking into the Lands of Dream - a realm where "everything once imagined is real, as are many things no mortal has yet conceived of", brought to life by his own writing, the art of Verena Kyratzes, and more recently the exquisite music of Chris Christodoulou. After several free games set in the Lands, Kyratzes released The Sea Will Claim Everything, a sort of picture-book adventure game with a focus on storytelling and exploration. Now, he's taken to Indiegogo to fund Ithaka of the Clouds, a point-and-click adventure with a "funny, moving, bittersweet story", crafting, philosophy and bad puns, among other things - all in the biggest Lands of Dream game yet.