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PlanetSide 2 beta: Galaxy spawns to be nerfed and other "things we've learned in beta"

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The way Planetside 2’s Galaxy dropships work is set to change in coming patches - just one of a large number of improvements born of beta feedback, detailed below. As you’ll know if you’ve been listening to the PCG UK podcast, there are doubters among our ranks, who cite the way Galaxies can be used as mobile spawn-points as a major game breaking bugbear.

And though I personally think PlanetSide 2 is the most exciting MMOFPS to be found this side of Barnard’s Star, the beta’s certainly not without flaws: it can feel a bit incoherent, neither clarifying how all its systems interrelate nor placing your actions in the context of a meaningful global strategy. But we have good news! Our chat with hirsute lead dev Matt Higby addresses all of these exact issues.

Planetside 2 beta codes from PC Gamer UK/US to be activated today

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Forumite Palodin has pointed us to a tweet by SOE president John Smedley explaining that the Planetside 2 beta keys given away by PC Gamer US in April and UK in July will be activated "on Friday by 5pm" - that's today. He presumably means 5pm PST, which is 1am GMT on Saturday.

We currently do not know if all of the keys will go out at once or if there'll be another wave after today. However, if you haven't redeemed your PS2 code yet now is the time to do so. We're currently working through the remaining support e-mails - if you've requested a code, expect it within the next hour or so.

PlanetSide 2 beta launching "within the next month," according to SOE

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It's been one of PC gamingkind's most frequent inquiries over the past six months: "When in the Zeus is the PlanetSide 2 beta starting?" Sony Online's been soft on answering as it chisels away at its hyper-ambitious massive FPS, but they're finally ready to give a semi-firm answer: "Within the next month."

These words of confirmation come courtesy of Executive Producer Josh Hackney in the debut of SOE's community video series PlanetSide Command Center, which just posted. If you scored a beta key from a PlanetSide 2 PC Gamer issue, take comfort: you'll be one of the first to play our favorite game of E3.