We have 100,000 copies of Pid to give away, with Bundle Stars

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Pid is a charming platform puzzler about a boy called Kurt, stranded on a strange planet full of robots and gadgets that let him manipulate gravity—extremely useful when you're trapped in a maze of pastel-coloured jumping puzzles. We have 100,000 Steam codes to give away for Might & Delight's cheerful adventure, worth £7 / $10 apiece. Read on to find out how to claim yours.

Indie Royale's Lunar Bundle contains Back to the Future, Cargo Commander

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That's no moon. No, really, some of the games in the Indie Royale Lunar Bundle take place in space, but none of them appear to be set on - or are even about - the Moon. Still, nonsensical titles can be forgiven when the upshot is a four pack of pay-what-you-want indie games, including Back to the Future and the enjoyably tense zero gravity platformer Cargo Commander.

GOG Pick 5 Promo features The Witcher, Alan Wake, and others on the cheap

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Near-weekly Steam deals and Humble Bundles mean you can't blink without stumbling into a PC gaming sale somewhere, and GOG isn't listening to your cries of sanctuary from these savings. Nope, it's holding you down and letting you buy five games from a list of hits for the amount of change you could probably find rooting around beneath your couch for a bit.

Pid review

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Until Pid forced me to put down my joypad and walk away from my desk, I considered Super Meat Boy to be the most challenging platform game I'd ever played. Now I'm sure it's Might & Delight's puzzling platformer. But while Super Meat Boy's difficulty was something to cherish, a game pitched perfectly between frustration and fascination, Pid's toughness comes from a clumsy control scheme that can't keep up with the challenges it throws at you.

Indie platformer puzzler Pid has plenty of style, fingers crossed for substance

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I know, I know. Charming indie platformers are a dime a dozen these days (sometimes literally, given the increasingly popularity of eye-popping indie bundles), but complaining about that is akin to lamenting that the Internet has too many adorable videos of kittens. You may find yourself feeling somewhat empty after doing so. I assure you, that's perfectly normal. It simply means that you have no soul.

So, right then. Pid's debut trailer very nearly charmed me into a state of jazz-infused bliss. It looks to be a light-hearted puzzle platformer with anti-gravity, tons of items, crazy stylish art, and the world's most amazing indie bait-and-switch. Time will tell, however, if developer Might and Delight - made up mostly of former Bionic Commando Rearmed folks - can make Pid more than just a pretty face. Here's hoping, anyway. In the meantime, check out the above trailer and judge for yourself.