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Progress report from PC Gamer Minecraft Republic

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World of Warcraft isn't the only place PC Gamer readers have been braving a cataclysm! Residents of the PC Gamer Minecraft Republic have recently braved all manner of natural upheaval: lands torn asunder as mountains appeared, oceans engulfed, and lush green valleys turned into barren deserts! But through it all, the brave citizens of the PC Gamer Republic continue to build.

Following up on our earlier report, I'm proud to say that new lands have been claimed in the name of the Republic as more visitors continue to arrive on our fair shores and, despite some criminals vandalizing public buildings, many great buildings continue to arise from nothingness, thanks to dedicated builders! We've got full details and screenshots of the best creations made within the past month below.

New discoveries! Charting the PC Gamer Republic in Minecraft

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With towering stone hotels, floating islands, and lava flowing freely from our very bedrooms, the brave PC Gamer Republic is being colonized at an incredible pace. Re-entering PCG Republic with an expedition force, I've scoured the land to make contact with local citizens. Below is a photograph we took during our flyover this morning and a documentation of our exploration.