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Watch the PC Gamer battle royale live tomorrow

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Those who joined us for our recent DayZ stream will have seen a long tale of betrayal, accidental suicide and vomit. It was fun, so we're doing another one tomorrow, only this time we'll be playing a selection of competitive single-screen action games including Cobalt, Samurai Gunn, Nidhogg and Gun Monkeys. It will be fast. It will be frantic. There will be shouting. There may also be some mild-mannered smack talk. You have been warned.

Who will emerge the ultimate champion and secure the grand prize of ONE FREE BEER? Who will kill Ben first? Will we be able to stop ourselves from swearing? Find out tomorrow at 3:30PM GMT, when we'll be streaming live from the PC Gamer Twitch channel.

DayZ diary: the one where PC Gamer is hunted by the internet

Phil Savage at

Tension! Betrayal! Vomit! Our DayZ stream had it all. For over three hours yesterday afternoon, the PC Gamer UK team journeyed across Chernarus. Along the way, we met friends, fought foes, and even encountered a couple of the game's developers. We were also hunted mercilessly, as viewers of the stream triangulated our position and set out on their own adventure to take us down. If you couldn't join us live, you can catch up with the full broadcast through the VODs inside.