Minecraft Adventure Update

Minecraft footage shows dragon, mysterious spires, starless skies

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A Minecraft fan has brightened up a dark and mysterious video released by Notch earlier. It's only nine seconds long, but there's a dragon in it! And weird, dark spires of obsidian. And lots of Endermen. In fact, this might well be the first footage of the rumoured Ender Realm. It's too early to tell if we're seeing the addition of a new dimension to Minecraft, but while we wait for the next Adventure Update pre-release build to land, there's always the new shots of the Minecraft dragon, released by Notch on Twitter. See them below.

Minecraft 1.9 pre-release version 3 released, adds babies

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Minecraft developer Jeb has posted a link to the version 3 pre-release build of the Minecraft 1.9 Adventure Update on Twitter. You can grab the 2MB file here. We haven't had chance to test it out yet, but Jeb mentions that the new version adds a "simplified potion system" as well as "some new items and enchantment table (wip)." Oh, and babies.

Notch posted a picture of Minecraft's animal babies on Twitter recently saying that they "don't drop loot or xp, have a faster animation, and higher pitched sounds. Also, they eventually grow up." See a pair of the critters in the screenshot above. Have you had a chance to try the new update yet? Let us know your thoughts.

Minecraft adventure update leaked early

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Pre-release code for the hotly anticipated Minecraft adventure update was leaked over the weekend. The code was initially distributed to trusted users for testing, but was then opened up to everyone, with Joystiq are reporting that Mojang developer Jens 'Jeb' Bergensten was in fact behind the 'leak'.
Notch gave people his blessing to try it out, but asked that they report any bugs they found.

You can find details of how to download the pre-release version on the Minecraft Forums. Jeb reports on twitter that the release version of 1.8 will be available once he's fixed the bugs reported so far.

For all our coverage of the new update, check our adventure update tag.

Minecraft trailer introduces the Adventure Update, beef, XP orbs and blue spiders revealed

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A new Minecraft trailer has landed showing off the Adventure update, spotted by Jaz. XP rewards, creative mode, creepy Endermen and more. The Hatventures team have been behind the scenes of the update, and recount some of their experiences in the making-of video below. They also reveal a few new additions, including abandoned mine shafts and a new mob, the sinister blue spiders.

Minecraft Adventure Update footage shows NPC villages and Endermen

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The Minecraft Adventure Update was playable at PAX over the weekend. IGN got Notch to give them a run through of the new features, and filmed it all for good measure. The randomly generated NPC village looks gorgeous. It has its own gardens, stone towers and houses. Also shown: the sinister Endermen. Notch cycles through day and night like A GOD to generate the perfect conditions for spotting the new mob. When he finally confronts them, they stare down their creator with murderous dispassion. Hnnngh.

Notch also talks a bit about creative mode designed for players who like to start epic builds. In this mode, you can fly freely, destroy any block with a single hit and place any block in the game at will. Also shown: rivers! Ravines! New combat! A new eating animation! Notch says that the Adventure Update is so big that it will be released in two parts. The first will be out in just a few weeks.

A glimpse of rivers in the Minecraft Adventure Update

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We're starting to think we should set up some sort of alarm signal so we know when Notch tweets an awesome new Minecraft image, perhaps a Batman style spotlight, but with a silhouette Notch's top hat instead of a bat.

Anyway, rivers! That's the subject of the latest picture, which shows a lovely shot of one coiling through some mountains. Here's the full version "Ok, rivers are working." tweets Notch. "I'm knee deep in this code now, and I'm getting scared. I think I need coffee."

Rivers are one of the many, many features that are being gradually added to the Adventure Update. Other additions include the sinister Endermen, an XP system and NPC villages. Hopefully it will also include the dramatic underground ravines that Notch has previously teased. There's no release date for the Adventure Update just yet.

Minecraft could get Terraria-style bosses, says Notch

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We've already reported on how Notch is planning on evolving Minecraft by including XP, levelling, and permadeath-style features. But there's more...

Notch has also been talking to PC Gamer about how Minecraft has been inspired by roguelikes and other indies, describing Terraria as "really, really good." We liked the Minecraft-inspired dig 'em up too, saying it "offers dozens and dozens of hours of rewarding exploration."

Read on for the details.