Free Mass Effect 3: Resurgence Pack DLC – Out today

Chris Antista at

For those of you still sore from the ending of Mass Effect 3, please find some solace in today’s ridiculously-free Resurgence Pack DLC, chock full of new characters, maps, and unlockable items to enhance your experience with the surprisingly amazing multiplayer. See exactly what you’re getting in the Resurgence DLC below.

I hate Kaidan Alenko, but that's okay

Wes Fenlon at

Saren tried to wipe out the galaxy. The geth shot more lasers and rockets at me than I could count. They weren't that bad, really. But Kaidan? That guy's the worst.

Let me explain. It's not like Kaidan was a bad squadmate. He could be the most nuanced character in the entire Mass Effect universe, for all I know. The guy seemed fine, really. Until he opened his mouth.