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Sui Generis pre-alpha footage shows tense battles, deadly chairs

Phil Savage at

You may remember Sui Generis as the Kickstartered RPG that promised weighty battles and impressive, high-fidelity physics. If not, the latest pre-alpha video will get you up to speed. It's twelve minutes of people being thwacked, inventory being managed, and walks being taken. While not all of those things are as exciting as the others, you also get to see someone tripping over a chair.

The 90s Arcade Racer: vibrant racing action makes a Kickstarter pit-stop

Phil Savage at

While the title is clearly sticking to nostalgia's slipstream, there's a lot to appreciate about The 90s Arcade Racer's Kickstarter bid. Especially after the numerous attempts of old-school developers to cajole money out of fans by looking at a camera with nothing but their empty pockets and saying, "remember how good games used to be? Remember your credit card details? Exactly."

Pelikan13's Daytona USA inspired arcade racer is already well into production, with the Kickstarter trailer showing plenty of fast, furious and vibrant action. The development roadblock for this one-man production is simply the cost of developing new cars and tracks.

Sui Generis, a Kickstarter RPG, showcases remarkable medieval combat physics

Omri Petitte at

What we didn't describe in the title is how the force of the Kickstarter's...well, kick sent its momentum spinning around like a top before it compensated back into balance. That's the sort of physics powering Sui Generis, an indie RPG upon Bare Mettle Entertainment's anvil that appears to use procedural animations for its melee flail-tastic combat.