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Free PC games are awesome, thanks for reading about them

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Writing a regular column about free games has been one of the most transformative jobs I've ever taken. Buried away in the depths of the internet are some remarkable things, and being able to unearth them, then share them with a huge number of like-minded people, is always an absolute pleasure.

It's also changed the way I think about games, changed the way I write about games, and even inspired me to make games. All this from spending one day a week playing mostly amateur creations then scrawling down some words about what I made of them.

This week's best free PC games

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Two of this week's free PC games deal with sensitive subject matters, and while one is more successful than the other, both are worth a look for being confident enough to stray into territory that games rarely touch. If you need a bit of light relief after these titles' heavy themes, though, there's a lovely hand-drawn platformer and a high-octane, 2D version of Prototype to get stuck into as well. Read on for this week's picks...