DirectX 11

Nvidia have gone a bit Mantle with their latest GeForce driver release

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The green side of the graphics card divide are today releasing a new driver that aims to grab a little more gaming performance back for their GPUs. They’re doing it in much the same way AMD’s proprietary Mantle API is boosting things for the red team.

The new release, named 337.50, is available today, and has been designed to make the existing DirectX 11 API much more efficient for Nvidia graphics cards. They are doing this by reducing the CPU overhead that the driver and API generate, which in turn means you get all the performance your graphics card can muster without being hobbled by DirectX distracting your CPU.

Microsoft restricts DirectX 11.1 to Windows 8

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Microsoft's latest operating system behemoth copped noticeable criticism across various issues leading up to its release, with notableindustryluminaries chiming in their opposition to the software's reclusive certification process and boxy exterior. Add another possible flashpoint: Neowin reports a Microsoft tech revealing DirectX 11.1's exclusivity to Windows 8 with "no plan" to retrofit Windows 7 with the latest version.

Hitman: Absolution gets Steamworks and DX11 support: "Hitman's suit looks ten times more awesome on PC"

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Owen has clubbed a guard, nabbed his clothes and wandered casually out of an IO Interactive Gamescom meeting with details of some of the PC-only features we can look forward to from Agent 47's October outing. If you have a DirectX 10 card you'll be able to enjoy increased texture and gesture resolution, better shadows, sharper visuals and more. If you have a DirectX 11 card, Absolution will look even better thanks to the integration of top level visual tricks like bokeh filtering and tessellation into IO's Glacier 2 engine. Steamworks support means we'll be able to upload our saves to the cloud and resume your campaign on any PC. Nice.

IO Interactive's Jonas Meyer headed up the presentation. He says that IO "want the game to look as awesome as possible" and promises that "Hitman's suit looks ten times more awesome on PC."

Max Payne 3 PC will have DirectX 11 support, new PC screenshots arrive

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Tessellation is a fancy expression for a DirectX 11 technique that divides up the surfaces created by polygons, resulting in more rounded, detailed characters and craggier faces. If anyone needs a bit of facial Tesselation, it's Max Payne. Luckily, he'll be getting that much-needed beauty treatment in Max Payne 3. DSO gaming have spotted an interview on German site, PC Games Hardware in which Rockstar PR chief, Simon Ramsey, confirms that the PC version will come with DirectX 11 support.

Arkham City's DirectX 11 support is some kind of joker

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Arkham City’s been out on those awful plastic box things for a good month or so now, but us PC gamers have had to put up with a wait. We know that this is because developers Rocksteady are cramming lots of cracking stuff into the game for the PC version. We know that when it’s finally released we’re going to have the most realistic experience you can have short of dressing like a gravity-defying flying rodent and fighting crime on the streets of Ipswich.

But all is not well in Arkham City. It appears that a number of gamers are having problems with all the shiny bells and whistles DirectX 11 brings to the game. For example, Jared Walton of AnandTech has an ultra-powerful gaming PC, but experienced huge frame rate drops until he scaled back the game from DirectX 11 to DirectX 9. It seems to be the experience many other PC gamers are having, too.

Square Enix show off stunningly realistic graphics

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Square-Enix have been demonstrating their new graphics engine, called 'Luminous' at a press conference in Japan. The video above, brought to us by Develop shows off some impressive technology, virtually indistinguishable from the real location. Shame they chose such a boring place.

Check inside for more details on the technology and side by side comparisons of real life locations and in-engine footage.

Crysis 2 patch 1.9 to add DirectX 11 features next week

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Yesterday we gave an overview of some of the DirectX 11 features we can expect to see in Crysis 2 in the next update. The patch will add advanced "parallax occlusion mapping," and improvements for shadows, water, particles, depth of field and motion blur.

There will also be additional DirectX 11 compatible tessellation and high-res texture packs, which can be downloaded separately to improve world geometry and surface detail throughout the game. The Crysis forums bring word that we can expect all of these updates to hit next week, and a report on Shacknews suggests Monday June 27.

To get an idea of what the new features will look like, check out these side-by-side comparison shots, found by forum member Vivec. You'll find the full 1.9 patch notes below.

Crysis 2 DirectX 11 update and screenshot

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A post on MyCrisis, hastily taken down shortly afterwards, reveals some details about the update, along with a screenshot. Thankfully NeoGaf user BeeDog managed to grab it before the takedown.

UPDATE: Vivec from the forums managed to grab the side by side comparisons before the site went down, take a look inside.