The Stomping Land steps delicately onto Steam Early Access, offers multiplayer dino-based survival

Tom Sykes at

Rust toys with the idea of pre/post-historic man fighting for survival against the elements and against his fellow man, but what that really boiled down to was a bunch of naked men flapping their dongs around while battering your house down in an effort to nick your stuff. The Stomping Ground, by the looks of things, is the real prehistoric deal, pitting man against his greatest-enemy-that-wasn't-actually-around-at-the-same-time-as-him, the dinosaur. SuperCrit's game feasted on all of your Kickstarter money at around this time last year, and now it's appeared on Steam Early Access, dinoskin-cap in hand. Let's see how it's coming along, eh?

Battlefield 3: End Game continues DICE's dino obsession with pterodactyl Easter Egg

Phil Savage at

Battlefield 3's End Game DLC may have appeased futurists by including a miniature hovering dropship from Battlefield 2142, but what about fans of late-Jurassic period dinosaurs, hey DICE? Come on, where's your bizarre Easter egg for those guys? Oh, it's on the Nebandan Flats, in the form of a pterodactyl that's merrily flapping about the place.

Primal Carnage: new footage of class-based dino-murdering indie shooter

Marsh Davies at

Gun-toting mercs face down Jurassic horrors in this bonkers asymmetrical multiplayer game from Lukewarm Media. Palaeontologists may well lament the historically unlikely class-based reptile-on-human mayhem, but who else could spurn the spectacle of an amassed force of allied Tyrannosaurs, Dilophosaurs, Pteradons, Carnotaurs and, of course, Velociraptors crashing against an army of tooled-up hunters wielding everything from netguns to flame throwers? Who? Show me them and I will show you a lonesome and dilapidated people, not fit for this world and its gaudy pleasures.

Primal Carnage trailer: raptors maul, leap on, and bite faces off pathetic humans

Tyler Wilde at

The last time we posted about Primal Carnage was in 2010. At the time, all we got to see was a collection of animation demos created by independent development team Lukewarm Media. Their ill-advised experiments with prehistoric DNA have come a long way: Lukewarm has since found a publisher, and its multiplayer dinos vs. humans eat-em-up is almost ready for its beta test.

Mass Effect 3 Operation Raptor multiplayer event kicks off this weekend

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The last multiplayer event for Mass Effect 3 asked players to survive all Reaper waves on silver difficulty, kill as many Brutes as possible, and extract to safety. The prize was a victory box full of random goodies and a powerful N7 weapon. The second event, codenamed "RAPTOR," kicks off this weekend. Sadly, it does not involve dinosaurs.

DICE hint at Battlefield 2143 with another Wake Island Easter egg

Henry Winchester at

Battlefield 3’s Wake Island might as well be called “Easter Egg Island” due to the amount of content tucked away in obscure corners of the map. What is this hint? A futuristic warrior hiding up a tree? A gunship hidden at the bottom of the ocean? Neither, according to bf3blog.com - who also posted the above image. It’s the numbers “2143” painted on a wall. It could be a hint that the eagerly-awaited sequel to future manshoot Battlefield 2142 is in the pipeline, or it could be that one of the developers wanted to make a note of his PIN number.

In addition, a Reddit user found a toy dinosaur tucked in a cave on one of the maps. Apparently there are six scattered across the map, with this YouTube user on a mission to find them all. To be honest, they’re the most rubbish in-game toy dinosaurs I’ve ever seen. If I was a child and I got one of these for Christmas I would be bitterly disappointed. They make Barney look like the monster from Cloverfield.

Dinosaurs in 3D!

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If that title didn't grab you attention, I'm not sure you're reading the right site. How about I toss in "jetpacks, mechs and indie" as well? Spiral Game Studios just announced that they've found a way to put all five of those awesome things together. They had us at "dinosaur".