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Reality imitating realism: Day Z IRL video

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In Day Z, we have a special name for the beach that new players begin the game on: "The Bean Coast." Escaping this zone is the first trial that newborn players overcome. Those that don't come to populate the shore/graveyard as corpses, bodies that tend to retain default equipment, including cans of beans.

We don't typically go out of our way to share machinima and similar video, but it's rare that a YouTube troupe really expresses the essence of a gaming experience. Creators Chicken Fried Comedy reenact the early moments of fear, trust, and gear gathering. And hey, it's Friday. None of us are wearing pants over here. You should play Tribes with us later.

Watch our Day Z livestream today, 3 PM PST

Evan Lahti at

After rambling on about the mod in our podcast this week and in our Day Z interview, we've gotten a lot of requests for a live demo of the game.

Hop onto to watch me try and survive in the brutal-but-beautiful landscape of Chernarus. I plan to stream for about three hours, beginning at 3 PM Pacific, 5 PM Central, 6 PM Eastern, and 11 PM GMT.