catacomb kids

Steam Greenlight approves 75 more games, including Catacomb Kids and Frontiers

Tom Sykes at

75 more games have been given the big green thumbs up that means they're allowed to be on Steam, as announced on, well, Steam a couple of days ago. It's a list that includes the recently announced (Frontiers) and the long-overdue (I Get This Call Every Day), while reminding me that Catacomb Kids is a thing that I need in my life. You can find the full list here.

Indie roguelike Catacomb Kids heads to IGF 2014 with twitch combat and inevitable death

Ian Birnbaum at

Despite its childish name and the youth of its protagonists, Catacomb Kids looks seriously brutal. It's a new platformer with randomly generated levels in the flavor of Spelunky, but it adds offensive magic and a delightfully retro art style to the mix. Now that the game, developed entirely by solo developer Tyriq Plummer, has been sent to IGF 2014, we can bask in the warm glow of its submission trailer.