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The Free Webgame Round-Up

Tom Sykes at

Meteors, cat girls, the best Roman emperor, time travel and an art game called Art Game. Either you've stumbled into the greatest Royal Variety Performance ever recorded or we've collected a bunch of weird and brilliant webgames. Find out which after the break, but be sure to have a thumb, perhaps some fingers, and a keen artistic insight at the ready. Oh and a spaceship capable of outracing meteors. Enjoy!

Bad Trip: artist videos a year of his life, embeds memories in bleak, weird art game

Marsh Davies at

Hong Kong-based artist Alan Kwan has spent the better part of the last year recording his every waking moment via a camera mounted on his glasses. He's then taken these recordings and scattered them through a grim looking virtual world, which also contains crude but defiantly odd dioramas which he purports to be recreations of his dreams: giant floating red babies; people with trees for heads in cages. You know, the usual.