Grand Theft Auto V release date listed as "October 2012" in employee résumé

Tyler Wilde


A Rockstar North employee apparently listed Grand Theft Auto V's release date as October 2012 in his CV and on LinkedIn . The mention of GTA V's release, which was noticed by Dave Oshry , has now been removed, but Joystiq grabbed a screen before it was taken down.

There has been no official announcement from Rockstar, so GTA V's release date remains speculative, but it would make sense—most of the games in the series have been released in or around October. Even if that's the case, however, don't expect to see GTA V on PC until at least a few months after the console launch (so, early 2013?). And, even more likely, the whole thing will be delayed to (or is actually scheduled for) April 2013.

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