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    Old 09-06-2011, 01:08 PM
    Varag Varag is offline
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    Default Mission mineing

    As tuesday night is mineing I thought Id try get the corp a nice roid belt to munch on.
    SO I ran some Level 4 missions to get "Recon" this mission has a paticularly big veldspar asteroid belt in it that has some 80 roids in itch are extreamly large in size!

    I have not acepted the mission yet and will clear it just befor the opp tonight so that any one wishing to mine can follow me after the sight is clear of NPC's Il jump in my hulk 2.

    The asteroid belt is in the system of Azer so if u want to join the fun.
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    Old 09-06-2011, 01:22 PM
    HoloDoc HoloDoc is offline
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    Thx a lot Varag!

    Big juicy veldspar roids are exactly what is needed for the freighter project.
    We are mainly short of Tritanium, so mining lots of veldspar is top of the agenda.
    Acer is 13 jumps from Stacmon HQ in Everyshore, Gallente space.

    Can we get Orca support and enough mining barges over there to make it a successful mining op, guys?

    We have mining barges and a hulk in the corp hangar. So if you can fly it but still need as ship to jump in, let us know.
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