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    Old 02-21-2011, 02:43 PM
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    Default Resto Shaman - The basics

    In this post i will be talking in brief about resto shammies and will give an overview that is intended to get people started in the right direction. For people who want to know about raiding on a resto read slash's excellent post [url]http://www.pcgamer.com/forum/showthread.php?t=5983[/url]

    First thing first, as with all healing classes, is get a healing addon. I use vuhdo and recommend it because it is easy to set up and modify. Healbot and Grid are alternatives but i have no experiance of using them.

    Spec: [url]http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/steamwheedle-cartel/orkane/talent/primary[/url]
    This is my spec and its pretty good, there are variations around.

    Totems: There are several useful totems for resto's to use.
    Firstly there is Stoneskin Totem which gives an armour increase, useful for reducing damage taken.
    Secondly there is the Flametongue totem which gives an increase in Spell Power which increases the bonus healing done.
    Thirdly, Mana Spring or Healing Stream. Use healing stream if you dont have mana regen issues but in cata it is unlikely that this will be the case and so the bonus Mp5 from Mana Spring is going to be the favoured totem.
    Lastly, Wrath of Air totem gives an increase in haste which should always be the totem that you use for your air slot.

    There are other totems that are situational such as the earthbind totem(slowing) and the tremor totem(anti-fear) but these arent going to be used in most fights and so the 5 totems listed above will be your totems of choice.
    The mana tide totem is a great strength of the resto shaman and is why other healers love us in raids. The MTT grants everone in the group/raid 400% of the casting shamans spirit meaning that every1 regens lots of mana and this can be the difference in longer fight or in ones where the tank needs spamming. There is a 3 min cooldown so use it sparingly.

    Shields: Shamans have avaliable to them a variety of shields to cast on themselves and others. The shields restos want are Earth Shield and Water Shield.
    Earth Shield is the shield that should always be cast on the tank, it heals the person it is on when they take damage, there are 9 charges to an ES and when it reaches the last 0-2 charges it should be refreshed. THis is because it accounts for a large % of a shamans healing but it is expensive to cast

    A Water Shield should always be kept on the shaman and needs to be refreshed before it falls off each time, this is beacause it provides over 500 Mp5 at lvl 85 and this accounts for alot of mana regen.

    Weapon Buff: Earthliving weapon should always be cast on the weapon the shaman is using. It will have a 30 min duration and provides a 750 bonus healing at lvl 85 and gives each heal the chance to proc a Heal over Time on the target.

    Healing Spells:
    Riptide - This spell heals the target and then heals them over time for 21 seconds (21 seconds with glyph). Additionally riptide grants the caster Tidal Waves which increase the effectiveness or cast time of your next healing spells so riptide shoudl be used as much as possible to keep tidal waves up so that your other heals are more effective.

    Healing Wave - This is the shaman's spammable heal, you should be able to chain cast this without your mana going down significantly, however this heals for only a small amount.

    Healing Surge - This is the shamans main go to heal, it has a short cast time and heals for alot, but at a cost. This spell is very mana intensive and so shouldnt be spammed because you will run out of mana very quickly. (USE THIS OVER GREATER HEALING WAVE)

    Greater Healing Wave - This spell takes roughly the same cast time as healing wave but costs and heals alot more. This is an oh shit heal for the shamans but will unlikely be used ahead of Healing Surge. The only times to use this are when you use certain cooldowns. These are Unleash Elements and Nature's Swiftness. These make your next spell an instant cast which makes GHW viable for use when the tank is desperatly in need of big heals.

    Chain Heal - Back in Wrath chain heal was the most used spell for most resto shamans. However, it now costs alot more and so is no longer spammable. This means that CH is not used as much now, the situations to use chain heal are when the whole group is close together takes spike damage and needs healing. However, when there is damage over time in a close group chain heal will probably be ignored and Healimg Rain will be used.

    Healing Rain - Healing Rain is the AoE heal of the shaman, its a big blue circle that heals those in it( its worth getting a macro that tells people to get inside it). HR is extremely expensive! so use it only in situations of high raid/group damage.

    Cleanse Spirit - The shamans dispelling ability, this gets rid of 1 magic and one curse effect on the target and should be used when convinient because it stops damage on the target but do not stop healing a tank taking loads of damage to cleanse a pesky dps.

    Stats- Intellect is best! then spirit. As for haste, crit and mastery there is significant debate over these stats and for more read Slash's post linked at the top i do recommend reading it.

    Thanks fo reading and if you've got any questions or i missed something just say

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