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    Old 12-06-2010, 12:04 AM
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    Default Late Night Raiding in Cata!

    I’ve had a few enquiries on what will actually happen, as well as 5man event interest from Anig (thanks for the idea! ).

    Two weeks into the release some of you should have hit 85. I will start posting events from 23.00 until 01.00 on Fridays for some 5man grinding! As people start getting raid ready and the other raid teams are full (and I have a lvl 85 alt ) I will just turn this back into a raid event

    Raid requirements in Cata
    As you know I have not had any restriction to who gets into my late night raids. Starting now it will be a requirement that you know at least the basic tactics of the bosses we are aiming to kill that night and not to mention raid ready gear, enchants, gems and to bring own food and flasks!

    I will take unsigned people over those who are to lazy to read up for 10-15min once week! If there aren’t enough people for a raid in early Cata or people simply do not read up we will find something else to do with our time. Aside from this, I will have a quite relaxed approach to raiding!
    It's worth it.

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