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    Old 11-19-2012, 07:18 AM
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    i'm beginning to think this is one dude.... or at least from the same gene pool.

    It's telling, from a purely psychological viewpoint, that the two(?!) most vociferous defenders of the game are people who have clearly admitted to never playing it. There is a very obvious issue with this, which you'd think would be obvious to them....

    Secondly, in the case of mega muffin, it's interesting that he brings up the purist mode after the embargo was lifted. I.e. from reading other reviews- so again, the position is not based on 'fact' per say, but on the opinion's of other reviewers. Their only claim to being a better authority on the game? An aligned opinion....

    Just as an aside to the new posters- welcome. It's always good to have new traffic through the site, and it should be encouraged, but just so that you're aware: the PCGUK demographic is a lot older than the console demographic. I think our average age is early thirties, whereas the console is early twenties [/pullfiguresfromass]. As such we're generally a bit more considered, and less likely to fly off on one (obvious exceptions abound).

    This is why many of us are being, shall we say, resistant to 'your' position and your arguments for the time being.

    Also- pie.

    An irreverent look at gaming, and film; www.TheFunTurret.com
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