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    Old 08-25-2012, 10:22 PM
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    Default Some advice

    Hi all,

    Been playing WoW for the last decade and only ever tried guildwars 1 for a few hours, really enjoyed it but was too involved in WoW.

    I really want to make a serious go at enjoying GW2 but need a little advice on profession play-styles. Unfortunately I can really only compare to WoW classes, although I do understand this is a completely different game.

    Generally in WoW I really enjoyed the shadow priest, mainly because Im not a huge big fan of melee (enjoy the feel, but Im not very good at it and get kited to death!), Pets aren't really my thing, and I enjoyed the aspect of a ranged class that can take a few hits at the cost of some damage.

    Plus the s.priest had a few simple utilities that seemed very balanced, a shield spell every now and then and the odd fear.

    Would any of the GW2 professions sort of compare?

    Basically a ranged class, not a glass cannon, so hard wearing at the cost of a little power, preferably without pets but not a big issue, and the odd control / protection utility, (health drain would be a bonus).

    I was looking at the Mesmer, but it sort of reminds me of a mage style where a few fragile mirror-images is the only protection for a squishy character. Others were potentially Necromancer, Ranger or Elementalist. Would anyone have a view of the pro's / con's of these.

    I have done some research, but I find most is a little bias on the net, and I know you guys will be more impartial.


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