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    Old 08-17-2011, 04:58 PM
    welshwitch welshwitch is offline
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    Balaam why dont you just give up. I am not saying im the best mmo player in the world , but obviously think you are, and how dare you critisise myself, airmid, dark, lolly or any other player. To go on like this is pathetic.
    being totally honest Balaam, when have you ever done instances with me, like twice? i hardly ever did anything with you. so to say something like that, i dont really think you have evidence to back it up and are just being nasty.the only thing i remember doing is Iron Tomb with you. im not perfect, but youve gotta realise, neither are you. so what if you played countless mmos, so what. so what if you have more knowledge. thats not the thing we're discussing, more you attitude towards guild leaders. so dont ever put PCG or Corrosion down.
    its not a case of being personal. i had the parser, it was there in black and white. yes your the OT healer, so are ob not going to be needed to heal as much, anyone would be able to grasp that concept. So i know your not going to heal as much as say Air or Naz, however you are forever blowing you own trumpet about how a fantastic healer you are in other mmos, so why dont you MT heal hey?
    i think your the one getting personal here, and its best that you just give up. i will stick up for Dark and Lolly. you have left the guild so why do continuosly post nasty comments on the PCG website?
    i think by posting nasty comment after nasty comment, you are proving to all what the type of person I was saying you are in previous posts.

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