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    Default Shadow Priest Raiding Guide 4.0.1

    [RIGHT][SIZE="4"]Shadow Priest Raiding Guide 4.0.1[/SIZE]

    by Ayumis[/RIGHT]


    Stats giving the highest to lowest DPS gain:

    Int > Haste > Crit > Mastery

    Unless you are under the hit cap (1742 @ 85) and then Hit* take priority.

    *Remember Spirit also acts as Hit for Shadow Priests.


    The guys over at [url]http://www.shadowpriest.com/viewtopic.php?f=73&t=29791[/url] have done the hard work and created BiS gear lists.



    Mind Flay
    Shadow Word: Pain
    Shadow Word: Death

    Alternative: Dispersion (replace Shadow Word: Death if you have mana issues or fight dependant)


    Spirit Tap
    Psychic Scream

    Alternative: Mass Dispel (replace Psychic Scream - fight dependant)



    Alternative: Fading (if you have aggro issues or fight dependant)


    Head Rep enchant (+60 Int and 35 Crit)
    Shoulder Rep enchant (+50 Int and 25 Haste)
    Chest Pearless Stats/Mighty Stats/Exceptional Spirit
    Back Greater Intellect
    Bracers Greater Speed/Speed
    Hands Haste
    Waist Belt Buckle and +40 Int Gem
    Legs Powerful Ghostly Spellthread (+95 Int and +55 Spirit)
    Feet Earthen Vitality/Haste
    Main-hand Power Torrent / Hurricane
    Off-Hand +100 Int


    Red +40 Int (Brilliant Inferno Ruby)
    Blue +20 Int + 20 Spirit (Purified Demonseye)
    Yellow +20 Int + 20 Haste (Reckless Ember Topaz)
    Meta 54 Int + add 2% Mana (Ember Shadowspirit Diamond)


    You should re-forge any extra Spirit/Hit you have over the cap and currently its best to
    reforge all mastery into Haste (or Crit if the item already has haste)

    Spell Casting

    1st Opener (buff builder)

    SW:P > VT > DP > MF > MF > MB


    SW:P has a chance to proc a shadow orb
    VT Hardest hitting DoT
    DP (Swap with DP if moving into position)
    MF This will build up Dark Evangelism (DE) to 4 stacks
    MF DE to 5 stacks and (Hopefully) at least one Shadow Orb
    MB Consumes Shadow Orbs and provides Empowered Shadows (ES) buff)

    At this point we are fully buffed with ES and DE.

    2nd Opener (Refresh and Reset)

    VT > DP > MF > SF > AA


    VT Hardest hitting DoT reapplied with buffs
    DP (Swap with DP if you have to move)
    MF Refreshes SW:P from Pain and Suffering
    SF Shadow fiend should be used as a DPS CD (use SW:D for mana)
    AA Activating Dark Arch Angel at this point will give maximum time to use the buff

    Now all your DoTs are buffed and re-applied to the target. AA has buffed
    Mind Flay and Mind Blast so you want to cast as many as possible while the
    buff is active.

    Order should be:

    MF Rebuild stacks of DE and triggers Orbs
    MB As soon as you have an Orb unless >10 seconds left on ES.

    At this point you are fully buffed and DoTs are ticking.
    The aim now on is to keep DE stacked and ES active while refreshing your
    DoT BEFORE they expire.

    Normal Priority is:

    If DE stacked to 5 and ES has >4 secs left

    VT > DP > MB if Shadow Orb active > MF > SW:D (ONLY if you need mana)

    SF on CD
    AA on CD but if <4 secs left on VT+DP then refresh these first

    <25% Boss Health Priority is:

    SW:D > VT > DP > MB if Shadow Orb active > SW:D > MF

    This is quite a lot to keep an eye on so I'd recommend using a dot timer to keep track of
    everything listed above.

    Further Reading

    Both [URL="http://www.shadowpriest.com"]http://www.shadowpriest.com[/URL] and [URL="http://www.elitestjerks.com"]http://www.elitestjerks.com[/URL] have much more detailed information so be sure to check them out regularly for the most up to date face melting information.

    If you have any questions then whisper either me or foosfighting in game and we'll try our best
    to help.

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    Very nice, stickied
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