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    Exclamation Invitation to in-game events in LOTRO!

    "Market Day"

    July 6, 2012
    9:30 p.m. (EST)
    Landroval Server.[/CENTER]
    Combe market square
    New Alts from visiting servers and new players welcome, escorts to Combe provided!

    Come all, and buy, sell, and trade sundries and crafts in Combe! Barter and haggle with role playing merchants, while strolling troubadours play. Bid in live auctions. Gather for the post market festivities in the Combe and Wattle pub! Escorts and in-game transportation for visitors to Landroval provided from The Shire.

    "Don't run around in circles! Come to Market Day!"
    Details and FAQ:

    An open air bazaar, where players buy, sell, and trade goods by bartering "in-character" as part of a light role playing event.
    Attendees are spread across the market square, where they "bark" their goods and wares to passers by.
    A live auction of various items will anchor the middle portion of the event.
    Strolling troubadours provide music.
    Sons of Numenor will provide an escorted patrol from the Shire to Bree, to allow players visiting from other servers to attend with new characters.
    An Open Fellowship and volunteer Hunters will provide summons and porting travel to those requiring it.
    A traditional post-event gathering will be held in the Combe and Wattle pub.
    The event will be streamed live on Sons of Numenor's live streaming channel at Twitch TV. ([URL="http://www.SonsOfNumenor.com/streaming"]www.SonsOfNumenor.com/streaming[/URL])
    The market sales and auction sales are not intended to generate any meaningful sum of coin. Attendees are explicitly requested to remain in the spirit of the event by focusing more on the fun of bartering, than the actual cost of goods.
    For more information, or to RSVP a spot as a merchant, please personal message Benjimir/Comstrike either in-game or here at the LOTRO.com forums.

    Bounders often question him, just because they find him interesting.
    He once grew an imperfect tomato, just to see how it looks.
    His mushrooms grow in broad daylight.
    He speaks fluent Sindarin, in Westron.
    He would just walk into Mordor.
    He is, the most interesting Hobbit in Middle-earth.

    [CENTER][CENTER]Gaffer Gamgee
    from the
    Eriador Music Society
    weekly concert
    July 12, 2012
    10 p.m. (EST)
    Landroval Server
    Michel Delving - The Shire

    Sons of Numenor will be providing an escort from Bree to Ered Luin for low level characters visiting the server.

    The Old Gaffer normally holds forth in The Ivy Bush. This month, Gaffer Gamgee ventures forth, to Michel Delving, to sample the ale of The Bird and Baby pub. Along the way, he will take in the weekly concert of the Eriador Music Society, before consuming ale and proffering advice on all manner of herb lore and Hobbit wisdom at The Bird and Baby. Join us for witty banter, music, and ale, as the Old Gaffer holds court!

    [CENTER]July 15th, 10 P.M. EST.
    Martial at The Golden Perch, and ride, in formation, to Forsaken Inn!
    To be followed immediately by a “Thunder Ride” to Rivendell for music, revelry, and (RP) fellowship![/CENTER]

    Join again, as the Free Peoples ride together and the thunder of our mounts strike fear into the Enemy! Ride in formation, in Sons of Numenor's monthly open patrol from the Brandywine Bridge to the Forsaken Inn, by way of Bree. Then thunder across Middle-earth to Rivendell to the Last Homely House, to enjoy music and fellowship in The Hall of Fire!
    Escorts for new alts and those visiting from other servers!

    After Party Music By SoN's own


    What is this about?
    Since its foundation in 2008, Sons of Numenor has patrolled across Middle-earth in formation and uniform. Now we are sponsoring a monthly ride, open to all community members and Kinships to join.

    Where does it start?
    We will assemble at The Golden Perch, help those joining us get into formation, and begin.

    Where does it go?
    We will ride at walking speed, through Breeland, through Bree, and pausing at the South Gate, before continuing to The Forsaken Inn.

    Then what is the Thunder Ride?
    Sometimes you just can't drive 55. Other times you can't spend all night walking to Rivendell. Either way, we will take all able to join or continue with us, at a full-speed rush directly to The Last Homely House in Rivendell.

    Then what?
    We will gather about Rivendell for a modest fireworks show, and an afterparty of light RP, music, and fellowship in The Hall of Fire.

    Do I need to RSVP?
    No, but we would appreciate any larger groups attending to check-in, so we can plan for your presence.

    Can I play music?
    Certainly, we will organize the open stage for music in several corners of The Hall of Fire.

    Pish posh, we shall supply ale and pipe-weed for all!

    Ask Benjimir (Comstrike) in-game, on LOTRO.com, or at [url]www.SonsOfNumenor.com[/url]
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