One artist is adding Fortnite into thrift shop paintings, and his latest masterpiece involves the Battle Bus and Peely

a painting of Peely standing next to some loot
(Image credit: artbypacoway)

The artist, known on TikTok as artbypacoway (or Paco, for short) has a series of videos showcasing how he's modernising a classic painting in a different way—by adding Fortnite to it. Honestly, it looks so amazing that it feels as if Peely was always meant for oil paintings. 

Paco has spent 12 days adding different characters and items from Fortnite to a classic landscape painting of a crooked bridge and a quiet stream that he found at a thrift shop. It looks like he's finally finished with his project, so the last video showcased a quick explainer of everything he changed in the painting and why he did it. 

After sharing his idea on the internet a couple of weeks ago, he received "thousands of suggestions" about the project. "I tried to pick and choose what I thought were the most popular requests," Paco says in the TikTok. These include the Loot Llama and a barrel full of fishing poles. But adding your favourite characters and items from Fortnite isn't as straightforward as you may think. 


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"I'm basing my details off of details from the game, but I'm also challenging myself to make sure that these additions feel natural, like they belong in this original painting," he says in the TikTok. "So, during this entire process, I'm paying attention to the saturation of my colours and how blurry or refined my details are. The original artist was using these factors to create distance, and I want to do my best to match the original artist's hand."

It's incredible just how well everything fits together, the end product actually looks like a scene pulled straight from a game of Fortnite. Even the cartoonish character Peely looks at home in this painting. Although he does have some bruising and browning which helps with the realistic and rugged look. After completing the painting with some graffiti on the bridge to make it look like the Rave Cave, a sniper glare, a supply drop, and the remains of a build fight, the project was complete.

Within minutes of uploading the painting to his website, it was sold, but if you like the look of this Fortnite landscape, you may still be able to snag one of the 100 signed prints that are also on offer. But they are $100 each, so it's probably not the cheapest bit of Fortnite memorabilia on the market, even if it does look amazing.

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