The 25 best Minecraft custom maps

Phil Savage at

16. Mine 4 Dead

Hey look, it's another Valve inspired Minecraft map! Mine 4 Dead: Blockhawk Down gives a Chicago based map that is absolutely teeming with zombies. True to the source, it's best played on hard mode with a bunch of friends. Much of what makes it so notable is down to the included texture pack, which gives the mobs an L4D styled reskin, and creates an abandoned world full of desolation and survivor graffiti. And zombies. Lots and lots of zombies. Download Mine 4 Dead here.

17. Minecraft's Edge

It was inevitable that, when parkour maps became a thing in the Minecraft community, someone was going to do a Mirror's Edge based one. Minecraft's Edge is a series of jumping puzzles that go through buildings, around rooms and down into a sewer. Unlike Assassin's Creep, here you follow a linear route, but are required to make some tricky technical jumps to get where you need to go. Download Minecraft's Edge here.

18. Skylands

Skylands contains multiple large floating islands full of things to explore. Each island has a different theme, from wooded areas to beach lands, and many contain treasure rooms full of neat stuff to pilfer. With so much available, the survival aspect of this survival map is a bit underplayed, but there are multi-floor dungeons to track down and plenty of other secrets and areas to encourage a thorough exploration of these interesting lands. Download Skylands here.

19. Fallout Minecraft: DeadState

Explore a dying world, devoid of plant life, but bursting full of decrepit buildings, brown terrain and, of course, a buttload of monsters. As in Bethesda's RPG, the depressing desolation of Fallout Minecraft makes for a great space to go adventuring through. Traps are everywhere, buildings are full of loot and there's lots of new places to explore. Download Fallout Minecraft here.

20. t3c

A huge parkour obstacle course comprising 216 challenges across 23 stages. Each stage has a different theme, with the map ideally played a few challenges at a time over a long period. It's a testament to the intricacies and variety present in Minecraft's seemingly simple platforming, and the map continues to get bigger, with creator tetrix1993 continuously working on new content. Download t3c here.

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