Zombie Army Trilogy announced by Rebellion [Updated]

Zombie Army

Update: Zombie Army Trilogy will be discounted for owners of the previous Nazi Zombie Army games on PC, a Rebellion representative has clarified.

Here are the discounts being offered to existing owners of past games:

  • 60% off Zombie Army Trilogy if you own both Nazi Zombie Army 1 and 2
  • 30% off Zombie Army Trilogy if you own either Nazi Zombie Army 1 or 2

The base price for Zombie Army Trilogy will be £30/$45.

Original: I imagine the meeting that led to the creation of Nazi Zombie Army was among the shortest in recorded history.

REBELLION EMPLOYEE #1: How do we take Sniper Elite and turn it into a pulpy four-player action shooter?


*Entire room simultaneously breaks into applause. The two employees—once sat either end of a long boardroom table—jump onto the varnished surfaced and run full-pelt at each other. Just before the moment of impact, they simultaneously raise their hands, resulting in a high-five so awesome that both are instantly turned to bronze, immortalised forever in their moment of triumph.*

Something like that, anyway.

It's worked out for the studio, clearly, as they've just announced Zombie Army Trilogy—a remastered bundle containing Nazi Zombie Army, Nazi Zombie Army 2 and the previously unreleased Nazi Zombie Army 3. There's going to be a lot of Nazi zombies, is what I'm trying to say.

As always with these things, the true purpose is to get the games re-released for the PS4 and Xbone. As such, it's not entirely clear what the benefits will be for existing owners of the first two NZAs. The trilogy's website promises "terrifying new enemies, animations, graphical effects," as well as four new female characters and a horde mode. As for the new campaign, there's no mention of a standalone Nazi Zombie Army 3 release—suggesting the bundle will be the only way to get it.

Zombie Army Trilogy will be released on 6 March.

Here's a trailer, because why not?

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