You'll do well to find another QHD 144Hz gaming monitor for $200

Here's a curved 27-inch monitor with a 144Hz refresh rate for $200
Save $60 on Monoprice's Zero-G 27-inch gaming display with this deal. (Image credit: Monoprice)

Over at Monoprice, you can snag the company's Zero-G 27-inch gaming monitor with a curved VA panel for $199.99 today, which is $60 below its list price. Just apply coupon code ZEROG27 at checkout to see the full discount (free standard shipping is included, too).

Compared to what's available on Newegg, spec for spec, this is the least expensive monitor in its class. Narrowing the search to the same features, pricing starts at around $250, with some models commanding north of $300, like ViewSonic's VX2758-2KP-MHD (which, if you're interested in that display, it's on sale for $249.99 at B&H Photo).

Monoprice Zero-G 27-Inch Curved Monitor |1440p | VA Panel | 144Hz | HDR |$259.99$199.99 at Monoprice (save $60)ZEROG27
27-Inch Gaming Mon...

Monoprice Zero-G 27-Inch Curved Monitor |1440p | VA Panel | 144Hz | HDR | $259.99 $199.99 at Monoprice (save $60)
This is a great price for a 27-inch display with a 2560x1440 resolution and fast 144Hz refresh rate. Just be sure to use coupon code ZEROG27 at checkout for the full discount.

Is it any good, though? I have not tested this monitor myself, but at least on paper, it looks more than serviceable. The VA panel is a good starting point (typically you want VA or IPS, as opposed to a cheaper TN screen), as is the 2560x1440 resolution paired with a reasonable peppy 144Hz refresh rate.

I'm not as enamored with the 6ms response time, considering we have been spoiled by displays advertised at 1ms. But response time numbers have a history of being fudged so maybe Monoprice is just being honest. There's also the possibility this screen can be overclocked, though if so, the listing entirely fails to mention it.

It does, however, offer up adaptive sync support, which is what AMD's FreeSync technology is based on. So if you have a Radeon graphics card, you'll be able to sync the refresh to rate to your GPU for smooth gameplay. It's not listed as being certified G-Sync Compatible, but you can try your luck there as well, we've had a good hit rate on that front with unlisted monitors in the past.

Other features include nominal HDR support, 400 nits max brightness, and wide viewing angles (178 degrees vertical and horizontal). As for connectivity options, it serves up three HDMI inputs (2x HDMI 1.4, 1x HDMI 2.0) and a single DisplayPort 1.2a connector.

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