You have one day to claim your free Steam key for Gun Monkeys

Week four of our huge Steam key giveaway bonanza is drawing to a close, but don't fret if you've not yet claimed your free copy of Gun Monkeys, you have until 4PM BST tomorrow to grab one here and enjoy some explosive one-on-one monkey vs. monkey action. When the clock strikes four, we'll go live with the final deal in our five-week, five million Steam Key giveaway. It's been emotional.

We're giving all these keys away in association with Bundle Stars , who offer discounts of up to 97% on their collection by collecting them into bundles. You'll also find lots of individual games sold there, often discounted on their front page.

Gun Monkeys was built by Size Five Games , and each Steam key comes with a bonus Steam key that you can gift to a friend, so you'll never be short of monkeys to blow up. It also features the vocal talents of British comedy actor, Kevin Eldon, in case the sight of simians exploding in slow motion wasn't amusing enough already. Enjoy.


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