You could build a killer compact gaming PC in this $200 case and 750W PSU combo

You could build a killer compact gaming PC in this $200 case and 750W PSU combo
Get a sleek case and a 750W 80 Plus Gold PSU in one shot. (Image credit: Lian Li)

Building a PC is fun and rewarding, but have you ever constructed a small form factor system? I've come to appreciate smaller builds over the years, and depending on the chassis, it can require a good bit more skill. If you want to take off down that road, Lian Li's PC-O11D is a good place to start the journey.

It's available on Newegg for $199.99. There's no discount, and normally that would be in premium pricing territory. However, it comes bundled with a compact 750W SFX power supply with 80 Plus Gold certification. Newegg sells the case by itself for $149.99 (I've seen it a little cheaper at other stores), so it's a pretty good value bundle overall.

Lian Li O11D Mini-X Case + 750W PSU | $199.99 at Newegg
Compact Case And P...

Lian Li O11D Mini-X Case + 750W PSU | $199.99 at Newegg
This compact chassis with brushed aluminum trim comes with a bundled 750W PSU that is 80 Plus Gold certified. Both are high quality parts suitable for a high-end gaming PC.

We haven't tested the case or PSU, but between our friends at Anandtech (PSU) and Tom's Hardware (case), we're confident in this combo. The former praised the PSU for its "excellent electrical performance" and high quality components, while the latter called the case "weird and wonderful," and adorned it with an Editor's Choice badge.

The case features a mix of steel and brushed aluminum, and a tempered glass side window. It has a modular back panel to make piecing together your PC a bit easier, and for storage, it offers up a pair of 2.5-inch drive mounts and two 3.5-inch/2.5-inch drive mounts.

With a little bit of patience and planning, you could build an attractive, high-end gaming PC around this combo. Not bad for $199.99.

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